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How Much Physical Activity Do You Need?

How  Much Physical Activity Do You Need?

How  Much Physical Activity Do You Need?

Physical activity is basically anything that keeps your body moving. When we talk of physical activity we are not just talking about the normal daily activities we undertake, but activities that enhance our fitness levels. With physical activity, more is always better and we will be giving you a breakdown of what the 2008 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans recommends.

Physical activity as we already know helps in giving you a great body. However, there is more to it than your body shape and below are the guidelines adults can follow.

Physical Activity Guidelines for Health Benefits

There are three regimes you can work with.

  • Adults require 150 minutes, which is the equivalent of 2 hours and 30 minutes of average-intensity aerobic movement. Muscle strengthening activities are also required and it’s recommended that you set aside 2 days or more to exercise all your muscle groups. These include: the hips, legs, arms, shoulders, chest, abdomen and the back.
  • Alternatively, you can have a vigorous intensity aerobic activity for 75 minutes weekly and this includes running or jogging. Muscle strengthening activities also should go along with this regime.
  • You can also have an equal mix of adequate and spirited intensity aerobic activity along with muscle solidification activities for two days a week or more.

When you think about it, the amount of exercise you need on a weekly basis is the equivalent of a movie as it is only 2 hours, 30 minutes.

Physical Activity Guidelines for Greater  Health Benefits

If you are looking for above average results, you need to increase your level of activity. We have these three options.

  • 300 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic activity weekly and muscle strengthening activities, 2 days a week or more.
  • 150 minutes of vigorous intensity aerobic activity and muscles strengthening activity for 2 days a week or more.
  • An equal combination of moderate and vigorous intensity aerobic activity and muscle strengthening activities for 2 days or more.

Aerobic activity is aimed at increasing your heart beat and it’s important to note that there are various aerobic activities you can engage in. These range from riding a bike to dancing, running or even pushing the lawn mower. As long as you engage in the activity moderately or with high intensity, you are working out.

Defining Intensity

Now, for those of you are still not sure on what moderate and vigorous intensity mean, we explain below.

Moderate intensity aerobic activity is basically about raising your heart rate and of course you need to break some sweat. Examples of activities that utilize moderate intensity include: walking fast, playing tennis and riding uphill. Vigorous intensity on the other hand is more intense and involves breathing fast and hard. Some vigorous intensity aerobic activities include: swimming laps, playing basketball, jogging, running and riding fast.

Your body shape is an indication of your overall health. Physical activity is not an option, it is an obligation.

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We all have some level of physical activity, but is it enough? Exercise enhances your levels of Fitness activity and it keeps your body shape looking great while improving your overall health.


In this article, we talk about physical activity and how much activity you need for health benefits. The 2008 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans has revealed fitness guidelines for adults and these are highlighted.

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